Don’t Do It!

Don’t take anything personally. That simple sentence is one of the Four Agreements that Ruiz writes about in his book.

I don’t know how often I’ve been spouting this little phrase in the last week to my peers- whether it be another friend, a coworker, or a client.

Everyone’s world is about them. The whole world is a stage and we are all our own leads in our own little plays. One person’s drama is their own- let them have it. My drama is my own. Let me keep it. Don’t take anything personally because everything everyone does is ultimately satisfying their own need or their own objectives. Of course, we are the center of our own little universe, and sitting on our stage we might exclaim “He said this hurtful thing and did this hurtful thing because of me, and out of spite for me!” Alright. Unlikely. He did what he needed to do to fulfill his own vision of the script, whether that vision be positive or negative in our own stage lighting, he did it. It’s his. That doesn’t mean we have to take on the responsibility.

I do believe we have control of our own environments and we do contribute to our own circumstances, but think about it this way- Why oh why would we waste our precious time and emotional energy on someone else’s drama, or even the light they cast on our own endeavors. Let them own that.

And let us continue forth unburdened. Drop the weight from your shoulders, dear Atlas, and let’s move on unencumbered and in our own light!

All the world is a stage.

Mask Up

All the world is a stage, but it is what lies within the mask that matters most.


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