Tried & True: “43 Things” Helps You To Achieve Your Goals

Goals are individual buds on the plant that represents your aspirations.

Your goals are individual buds on the plant that ultimately represents your aspirations, hopes, and dreams.

“List your goals on 43 Things.”

Why yes, it really is just as simple as that.

Never heard of 43 Things? 43 Things is the world’s largest community for goal setting. You can add up to (you guessed it) 43 goals that you are working towards. These goals can be ones you’ve made for yourself, or have a gander at the Zeitgeist to see if there are similar goals to yours already submitted. With each of these goals, you can write entries reflecting on your experiences, struggles, and progress. So, if Sara Jane writes about how she is struggling with her weight loss goals, other people in the community see this entry and can provide support, feedback, or give “Cheers” on her insights, triumphs, or perseverance. Cheers are similar to “likes” on facebook, but you have a limited number of cheers you can provide in a day.

Zeitgeist is a wonderful option for finding similar goals to yours because it adds a bigger sense of community, which really is the meat of what this site is made of. By adding a goal added by others, when you write an entry, it is listed under entries for that goal in the community. This makes it easier for like-minded (or at least like-goaled) people to tap into resources provided by their peers, to ask questions, inspire others, and (and I can’t emphasize this enough) to obtain support from others.

I have been on 43 Things for about 4 years now. I’m not sure how I encountered it. I have times where I wander away, but I have always found my way back. The amazing things is that when I do find my way back all the familiar faces are still there! And this is one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever encountered online. It is a great organizational tool for the mind, body, and soul.

Finding peace through gratitude

Finding peace through gratitude

There are some goals that I work on, over and over and over again, simply because of the people who are also active in the same goal. I have one goal that keeps track of my gratitudes- a list of 5 gratitudes per day. It was one of my first goals. I have hundreds of entries. It is still on the top of my list, and it will remain there for all my days on that site. It holds such an inspirational group of regulars, that it lightens my mood just reading through their posts, sharing comments, and sharing cheers.

Enough gab. Get to it!


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