Midnight Musings: Dilettante (van-i-tee)

“Above all else I am a dilettante in life. Up to present I have lived as I have painted and written poetry. I never got far beyond preparation, the plan, the first act, the first stanza.”
-Venus in Furs, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

How many of us treat life such as this? How many of us live life beginning projects and moving quickly on to the next best thing, like a butterfly to the next beauteous flower, and then to the next and next and next.


Where will your journey take you? How far will you go?

Some call it drinking the nectar of life. They reflect upon it as experiencing as much as one can experience in the folds of time we’ve been granted on this rock of ours.

At what point do we pursue depth, whether that be depth in art, depth in friendship, depth in love, or depth in life itself?

And yet, how do we define depth? How do we know that when we dive in and explore to the four  corners of the Earth that we have achieved finding a greater meaning?

I think it boils down to plain and simple intent with our actions. Superficial and half-hearted attempts, distracted delegation of activities, and seeing only the surface of the exploratory process, even if all the way through (and through), if we aren’t discovering the deeper meaning as it relates to our being, and thus causing our souls to grow to great depths, then we will remain dilettantes. We will be Jacks of all trades, yet Masters of none.

Live purposefully to find a purpose, or find a purpose to live purposefully. Either way, the equation balances itself out.

(photo taken by s.e.rider imagery)


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