Vanity Reviews: Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color

Dear Clairol,

When I sought your other product, I was looking for a deep neutral brown that would pull the auburn out of my hair and even out the overall tone. According to the picture diagram on the back, everything should follow through as planned, with a risk of keeping some red tones underneath the brown. I’m not a rookie to hair dye. I’ve had stylists ask me what my secret is to at home hair care.

A Familiar Scene

A Familiar Scene, chopped and edited in pixlr-o-matic for Android.

I usually purchase Natural Instincts, but noted that over the years, the color deposit just doesn’t seem to stick very well in the beginning, anymore. I bought the 121A in Nice ‘n Easy, Darkest Brown, and set to it.   Everything appeared about right as I was setting things up.

I was not prepared for what was to come.

I set the deep conditioner to the side, all ready for the rinsing portion of today’s ritual. I re-read the directions, even though I’ve probably done this at least 3-4 dozen times before. But hey, this is a new brand that I have yet to play with. Let’s double-check.

Strand test was golden brown. Dark, yes, but brown nonetheless.

Let’s get this party started.

Mix and mix

You put the lime in the coconut, oh but for Heaven’s sake do not drink it all up!

I put the mix on my head. Now with my short hair, I have some dye to spare- and I will tell you that THIS is a strange sensation indeed. What happened to “waste not, want not”? I eyeball the box and left over dye, uneasy about the fact that I’m leaving some behind. I move on with my life.

Cue the jeopardy wait music. 25 minutes is supposed to pass, but at about 20 minutes into the game my partner states, “Oh, that’s very very dark.”

“Yeah. It’s “darkest” brown for a reason,” I snark.

He looks unconvinced, and even worse- worried. He replies, “Okay, but that looks black. Really black.”

“Uh,” I immediately get up. “Maybe it’s because it has that wet look.”

In a split second I’m in the bathroom. “What the- (expletive deleted)?!?”

It isn’t just dark because of the dye. It is blue-black. The majority of my hair is reflecting light as if the lights were blue. Now mind you, we keep very warm tinted lights in the house. I remember in that moment all the times I’ve dyed my hair red, and the dye sitting on my head was orange or purple. I set to washing it out right away. All mirrors are reflecting blue-black.


What the – just happened, here?

“What what what what?”

I get out. I dry my hair.  The result: My hair is mostly this blue-black, with strands of “darkest brown” jumping through it, specifically at the crown of my head.

I’ve done black before. I’m too pale and pink-toned to pull that off.

Without make-up, I look like a cheap redneck wannabe goth chick.
With make-up, I look bad-ass (when mad) but the black is not flattering to my facial structure. And I always look pissed off now. Then again, I am pretty pissed off now.

Black is notoriously hard to get rid of.

Either way, even though I can now make the choice to look like an emo icon, I am pretty unhappy with Clairol. Let’s put this in the “less than positive feedback” review category, ladies and gents.

053 Jacked

Growl, Snarl. This isn’t the look I purchased! (even if I wear it well)

Much love,

So what happened here? Did I make a mistake? Did the mix have issues? Everything matches up. Was something done wrong in the chemical assembly line?
Or is this a case of a cheap hair dye mishap?

What have you done to remedy your own hair dye mishaps?

I will say this: I have used L’Oreal’s ColorOops in the past and have been satisfied with the results. Hey, L’Oreal- I may be calling soon!


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