Altruistic Measures: Altruette

One of the primary reasons I developed this blog was to start building support of altruistic causes. I wanted to be able to give back to the global community not only with information, feedback, and fun, but also with a bit of charitable support as well.

(Not quite in line with the whole vanity spiel, huh?)

I’ve been on the lookout for new, unique charitable causes that inspire. You know how it goes. You hear a friend talk about their new shoes from this company that promises to give shoes to a child in need in another country (you know what company I’m referencing, yes? I know you do!). You get that feeling of, “Wow. That’s just amazing, and creative.”

One of my intentions with this site was to continue to motivate me to search for said charities and programs and what-have-you, and then share them with others.

An image from Altruette's Media Package

An image from Altruette’s Media Package. Rights are those of Altruette.

One such charity that inspired my “Wow” reflex was Altruette. They sell charm bracelets and each bracelet s give to a different mission or charity. You can visit their website at, and have a look at the jewelry they offer. You can shop by category (charms, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories), gift packages, and even by the cause you are interested in. Altruette was founded by Julie Schlosser and Lee Clifford, former journalists from Fortune Magazine with a flair for philanthropy.


According to their site, 50 percent of their net profit from any given sale goes to the partners.

They emphasize that not only does your purchase go to a good cause, but it makes a fashion statement about your passions and you desire to help out with your chosen cause. What better way to make a statement without words?

F-f-f-fashion, people!

Take your altruistic self on over and have a look-see at


What are your favorite charities and why? Which ones do you find inspire and motivate you?


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