Jillian Michaels Podcast- A Podcast That Doesn’t Result in Me Falling Asleep!

The Jillian Michaels Show


Picture from Motorcycle USA

I absolutely love this podcast. The communication between Jillian and her producer/co-host, Janice, is awesome.

Did I mention that it is hilarious?

It’s hilarious.

They cover everything. It is not just about fitness, but includes information about food, preservatives, life adjustments, forgiveness, and Jillian’s adventures in adoption. They also have a variety of guest speakers who come in and talk about healthcare (Dr V) and money management (Suze Orman). Every step along the way there is friendly bantering, and the general calling-out-of-shit. They do take phone calls, though this is one of the least entertaining segments on the show- in my opinion, anyway.

These episodes seem to range between 35 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on the episode.

Want a more condensed dose of Jillian? Try Daily Dose with Jillian Michaels on Youtube!

When it comes to podcasts, they tend to make me very sleepy. I don’t do well at paying attention to “talk radio” (which is the essence of most podcasts). So to have a podcast that is serious, yet entertaining enough to keep me from my podcast yawn-fest, then I am going to keep on listening to learn as much as possible.

Thanks, Jillian and Janice!

My Favorite Bully!

You want empowerment? Take a look at Jillian’s company “Empowered Media”.



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