To Catch a Sailor- Hey, Sailor! MAC Cosmetics New Line

Lipstick Pictured is “To Catch a Sailor” by MAC cosmetics. I like MAC so much that I take pictures of their products rather than using them…

To Catch a Sailor, photo taken by Moi!

“[‘Hey, Sailor!’] comes at a perfect time,” Avallone said. “The colors are inspiring, they have a sense of happiness: the open seas, hope, romance – everything you hope for in the summer.” -Angelina Avallone, make-up artist who is noted for using MAC products, from an interview with Perrie Samotin.

Gorgeous reds worth of any Vargas gal, peach blushes and bronzers, high-seas blue and golden tones complete this “Hey, Sailor!” theme.

The lipsticks and lipglasses range from bright Siren red to a subtle sun-kissed tan. I personally opted for the lighter tan/peach colors due to my skin tone and hair color. I’m all for a “Hey Sailor” look, but I don’t need to hail any sailors from a brothel, with my momentarily black hair and oh-so-white skin. I am not dogging on red, ladies! I am simply stating that for me, I’ll either look like a Madame or a clown, or a Madame Clown (be very afraid). Tangent!

Moving right along!

No maritime theme would be complete without the Zoom Waterfast Lash mascara. After all that splashing around, you surely don’t want to “run”.

Using MAC Cosmetics? What is your favorite product? Have you tried anything in this line? Let us know whatcha think!


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