Dogtags: Memorial Day Monday 2012

Let’s not forget why we are here today- and how we came to be here.

While these tags are not reflective of memories of those fallen or those who are still with us who still sacrificed so much, I felt now was the time to start with the dogtag necklaces to reflect the spirit of this site, anyway.

In a sense, there is some symbolism there. In a sense, it is also a reflection of the frivolity in which many of us are consumed on a daily basis.

There are bigger problems in the world that running mascara, nail polish that chips, photo sessions gone horribly wrong (oh, those TFP models…), or a box of hair dye that did mislead one to think they were going to dye her hair brown (you will rue the day, Nice ‘N Easy!). For others, beauty is simply a tool we use to empower ourselves in this world.

Beauty is Wicked

“God Bless a Slave to Fashion” – Zeromancer

There are bigger things out there than us.

Identified: First World Problems

Identified: Valued in Many Societies Above Most Other Qualities (Beauty)

Today I am grateful for:
-My father, because as a veteran he laid his life on the line for his country, though his country has shown to be less than grateful to his service. I am grateful. My family is grateful. Thank you.
-My ability to start a blog based on absolutely nothing and yet absolutely everything at the same time. I am grateful to be able to enrich the lives of others through research and promotion of philanthropic arts.
-Having first world problems as opposed to third world problems.
-The fact that I am in no great need for anything. I have wants and desires and am able to meet them as long as I work for and towards them.
-And lastly, I am grateful for you. I am grateful for those who contribute to the universal-interweb-consciousness. I am grateful for the knowledge and insights you share. Your information truly empowers others, either in their personal life or in their consumer life. Thank you.

My Lovely Rush

My Lovely Rush: Rushed by pixlr-o-matic for Android


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