Amazon is taking over the world

Well, Amazon is certainly gaining in a variety of markets, including the book biz.

Amazon has even started Amazon Publishing (pardon me if I am not impressed by that title lacking in creativity).

According to Anthony John Agnello, a consumer and tech writer for, Amazon (AMZN stock) is projected to control 50% of the US’s entire book retail business by the end of this year.


We’ve all heard of Amazon’s Kindle devices (if you haven’t, please emerge from that cold, dark location we lovingly refer to as “under a rock”) and its ambitious and successful efforts to bring digital books to a tablet near you (or phone, or computer, or anything looking technological at all).

I remember when e-books first started to become a teensy bit popular. I remember thinking, “How on earth can we replace a good, solid book with their soft pages and warm presence? Why would we want to?”

I now own a kindle and have kindle apps on 4 separate devices.

Why? How? Convenience.  Space.  And convenience. Yes, mostly convenience. I sacrificed nostalgia for technology that could keep up with my never ending to-do list. In fact, I have a to-do list app (astrid) that heckles me when I don’t do things on my to-do list. It’s heckling me from across the desk because my snoozed to-do task was to make a better to-do list. How’s that for technology roping us in?

I digress.

According the the same article by Mr. Agnello, e-book business has had a 1300% growth since 2008. And kindle is keeping in stride.

Though I do have to acknowledge that it is a sad day when the very thought of a physical book, in all its tactile glory, is nostalgic in nature.



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