Top Paid Actress This Year is…

Kristen Stewart.


I can assure you that I certainly can’t get enough of her confused, glazed over eyes as she timidly bites her lip, and seems to constantly stammer as she searches for the right words… in every… single… one… of her… *bites lip*… films… (?)

Okay, so I have gotten enough of it. But to see that she is getting paid more than, well, any other actress so far this year? On one hand, I truly do not care. On another hand, I don’t know how that reflects our movie-going culture.

According to, she made a stammering (no pun intended) 34 million bucks from May 2011 to May 2012, much thanks to the Twilight “Saga” of sorts. In the top ten list, they included names like Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Kristen Wiig and Jennifer Aniston.

But Miss Stewart beat them all, this year.


Alright then, movie-goers! We have ridiculed her, hated her openly, and claimed we didn’t care. But obviously we do. If we didn’t, she wouldn’t be the top paid actress, articles wouldn’t be making a deal out of it, I wouldn’t be posting this, and you most certainly wouldn’t be reading this.


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