Summer Make Up Tips- Go Light, Go Bright!

It’s that time of year again. Here in the good old humid and boring Midwest, temperatures are rumored to be nearing over 100 degrees in the next few days.

Those nasty rumors…

Some people absolutely love this time of year, but there is a twinge of hate when they start worrying about their daily beauty routine. Smudged mascara, heavy lipstick, and even heavier concealer? Yuck!

Not to fear. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but au naturel is in style this summer.

Oh thank Gawd.

So here are some tips we’ve picked up!

1.) Go light. Go bright.
It’s hot outside. It’s sweat inducing just looking out the window. And guess what? It’s going to be even hotter if you are actually, I dunno, moving around out there. Sports? My make-up and hair simply will not stand for it!

Wait a sec. There are those of us who do use primer, then concealer, then foundation (liquid AND powder, at times), then layer on the blush and bronzer… Do you really think that you are going to look good with all that caked on your skin? C’mon now. Mother nature does a little number on a gal’s pores without all that nonsense. So let’s help our skin breathe!

Keep this to a minimum. Add a small amount of primer if you feel necessary- the kind that keeps the oily look at bay. And if you need to foundation, keep it to select spots. Kevyn Aucoin even noted that putting this stuff all over your face makes you look like a mask getting ready to crack. Put it where it is necessary. Go light on the blush and bronzer (selective use)- you want a sunkissed look then go with sunkissed, not Cirque du Soleil (even though I do love them…).

Keep blotting linens close by. This will help absorb any oil making a home on your face without smudging make-up. And don’t rub. Blot. They are blotting linens for a reason. I like Sephora’s blotters. Pick your poison. I would not invest a whole lot of money into this.

#2: Go easy on the eyes
Please see: Go light, go bright. Same applies here. Runny mascara and smeared eyeliner rarely does any female favors (unless you like the emo look, then good on ya!).
Step 1: Waterproof mascara. Whether its the weather, sports and movement, rain, or the beach/pool. this is a miracle product. My recommended product? Splashproof- MAC. Love it. Tried and true and it most absolutely lengthens and separates my lashes.
Step 2: Choose a eyeliner color you like- go subtle or go bold (both quiet and bright are good looks at the moment). Put just a line or two on the upper eyelid and call it a day. I’m fond of Make-Up Forever or Sephora brand metallic liners. They accentuate that wet look.

#3: Stain!
You went easy on the eyes, right? Right?!? Good. Because one of my pet peeves is overdone eyes with bright lipstick. Please refer to your memories of Cirque du Soleil for my rationale on this one. Rarely can this be pulled off. I digress.
A few months ago I picked up CoverGirl’s lipstain. Love it. And it lasts for hours. Hours, I tell you! Not hour. Not hour + hour. I’m talking about a 4-6 hour average, here. A few swipes of this brush, and baby, you are good to go!



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