For the Love of Vanity: Broken Bank Account, Level 1

I feel as though I have to brag about my most recent purchases. Purchases that put my bank account into overdraft mode.
I was less than surprised.


MAC’s Electric Cool. Such gorgeous colors.

Here was my shade. Surprisingly (more surprising than my overdraft, anyway), it took quite a bit of the powder to actually become striking. Definitely use these colors in contrast with something dark and dramatic (or light and angelic).


Venomous Villains


The middle color based off Maleficence was my poison of choice. No base coat needed (I usually use a black base coat for these “holographic” or “prismatic” colors). This one does it all on it’s own. Definitely eye catching! It shimmers from gold to pink to purple to green to amber.


Oh you Sephora


I thought this would be better. It just dried my skin out and made me itch. The pink and silver colors are very difficult to get onto the brush (wet or dry), while the dark pink and light grey colors are a bit too eager to get everywhere. Ever.

And a knee high boot to go with those brand new American Eagle “skinny jeans”

My friend got these at AE Outfitters…

She can pull off that look, but I absolutely cannot. Instead, my conservative self (having never bought or even worn so-called “skinny jeans” until now) went with the black jeans and the more subdued blue jeans

These skinny jeans are, uh, “form fitting.” Who would have thought? Huh…


I may be broke now, but hey, at least there’s a new pay period coming up. And no, I haven’t learned my lesson yet.



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