Photo Spotlight: Evelyn’s Trip Home

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For more information on the family’s journey, please visit “Journey to Korea and Beyond”:
Evelyn is Jackie and Jim’s newly adopted daughter from China. She had only been in the United States for a few moments, and I was happy to be one of the few able to capture her first moment’s home. To be honest, those first few moments were a tired family reconnecting with their loved ones while little Evelyn slept as hard as she could. How that little gal could sleep as soundly as she did with her mother carrying her around the airport, I will never know. Eventually she woke up. She remained calm throughout her time at the airport (from what I could observe, anyway), and she simply took the sights around her in. She was very curious about her surroundings, though did not seek to interact. She remained a passive observer.

She’s beautiful. I’m sure her mother will remind her of that as often as she can.


Evelyn, taking in the new world


Her big brother (well labeled) is making quite the show.

Big Brother meets his Little Sister for the very first time. She’s no longer pixels on a screen. She’s real.


Mother and son reconnecting after a long absence.

Taking in the sights (the noise of people coming off the escalators with their luggage and greeting their loved ones, as well)


Mother and daughter


Celebrating the sleeping child’s arrival


Gifts await.




Welcome home, Evelyn.


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