F-f-f-fashion Mall Visit: October 2012

Visiting Nordstrom with my 2 very tall and hippie male friends (long hair, oversized pants, and all), we perused what is fashionable for this upcoming November month.

I will be honest with you- I love going to this city’s uppity fashion mall with them. They stand in such stark contrast to the typical crowds and the typical sales associates, and they also stand in such contrast to their blonde female counterpart – yours truly. When I go to the fashion mall, I like to play the “fake-it-til-you-make-it” game. I dress in my trendiest Goodwill-sponsored threads (from the more highfalutin side of town). I do go all out on the make-up. This is my mortal weakness. I’ve upgraded from Sephora to M.A.C.- a dangerous engagement, or so my wallet tells me.

Love, I think you’ve got something on your face. Just a little bit of, uh, nevermind. (find from a fashion book in Urban Outfitters)

My friends know they stand out. It’s almost as if they confuse the folks walking by. Maybe they do. They seem further confused when they see them along side the short bleached blonde with the too-cool-for-school haircut wearing a smirk as I stare back at them, silently calling them on
their judgment.

Watching the response of the supposedly affluent is almost like it’s own study in psychology/sociology.

That might be a new idea for an article for one of my blogs.

Another study in psychology/sociology would be the flocks of crowds in the Apple stores at all hours of the day.

Visiting Nordstrom was unique this time. The male sales associates swarmed my 2 male friends. That had never happened quite like that before. They do keep a watchful eye on the poor folk, minding that we do not steal anything. Perhaps it was because one of my friends shaved his beard for the first time in ages, and as a result appears about 10 years younger than he is. Or perhaps it’s because he went to the
fashion mall wearing an Invader Zim shirt.

Either way it’s bad news for the stuffy, right?

On to the fashion!

I gather that mixing prints and overdosing on prints is the less-than-new hot thang. It’s everywhere. In a nice balance, it can be refreshing, eye-catching, and almost mesmerizing. “Floral prints and stripes together? How unexpectedly fashion forward!”

Who knew?

I think we’ve reached the point of overdoing it. Maybe we’re trying to make a statement. Maybe we are staunchly advocating for our individuality and uniqueness.
“You can never define me!”

Maybe we are taking something that, when done subtly, did lend to that outside-of-the-box sense a little too far.

Eye catching and head-turning isn’t always a good thing. The orange construction cones are eye catching, whether in solid or in orange/white stripes. That doesn’t mean I want to wear it.

That being said, I suppose it depends on the venue. I find the print black/white/gray dress atrocious, but if someone with the right gutzpa wore it then it might work out just fine. Style is also about

That being said, style also has nothing to do with Fad.

Brand: Free People. The sweater runs $108 while the pants run $98

Getting ready to winter-it-up in some sort of fashion, here in the US Midwest

A simple classy look that can be maintained through the many fashion fads the world has planned for consumers.


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