TOMS Shoes: A review

Okay- I jumped on the Toms bandwagon. I bought two pairs of their shoes, sucked in by my friends’ constant praising.

You’d think these things were the second coming of Christ, given all the ongoing hubbub about them


Ooh shiny. I’m sold.

My first purchase: A pair of size 7 silver sequined shoes from I knew I was taking a risk in size since I was ordering online. These are a very true 7. They fit like a glove- so much so that I cannot wear socks with them. They seemed comfy enough for my casual walks in small spaces- lazy days.

I order another pair that were a bit less Fabulous- plain canvas in Ash. I again ordered a size 7 from Amazon. There was a full 1/2 size variation. These, I had to wear socks with or they’d slide right off my feet!

So there is one negative point. As a consumer, I expect an agency as well known and respected as Toms to have consistency in sizing from shoe to shoe. Also, for the price we pay for the shoes, I especially want to know what I’m getting.

Quality: These are comfy… around the house. For me, they don’t do well for long wears or even an average amount of walking. They wear thin quickly.

Maybe I’m donating to a good cause. For one pair of shoes I buy, they donate one pair to a child in need. It has been debated, however, that these shoes are given to children in communities where they already have shoes. I’m not putting a pair of shoes on their feet for protection or because they are impoverished. I’m putting shoes on the feet of kids who already have shoes. Those without… well, they continue to truly do without.

Would I buy another pair? No. I’d donate my money to a good cause, instead.

But they are fashionable in the moment. A conversation piece.


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