Bleached Blondie

s.e.rider imagery

s.e.rider imagery

I recently put my hair through some very unfortunate bleaching adventures.

I have done this before. I have made about as many mistakes as you could make. I have tried to die my hair from black to blonde in one step. I have fried my hair to the point that it began breaking off. There was a point in 2003 where I walked around looking like the pop singer Vitamin C- bright yellow and white roots with atomic orange hair. Oddly enough, the tips were still black. Oh, and there might have been some chemical burns tossed in there somewhere.

I swore “never again!”

Apparently, I lied.

That said, I have my reasons. I like the adventure of any DIY process.

A trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply ended with a package of Loreal’s Quick Blue Bleach. I was informed by staff there that it would neutralize any orange or yellow tones that I’ve struggled with in the past.
QuickBlueLorealI didn’t know why they call it quick.
I rinsed the color from my hair with less-than-high-hopes. It was quick, in that it moved from the ewwie orange phase to yellow much more quickly than other bleaches.
But therein lies the problem… It was still yellow. Banana peel yellow.

At this point Sally’s was closed and I was left having to bet on what Walgreens could offer. Any stylist would tell you to never EVER invest in colors in a box. 95% of stylists I’ve encountered, however, yielded at least as unsatisfactory results as any box dye has…



It had blue toner in it as well, and I started to get my hopes up. Maybe this would due the trick.

Nope. It was only a slightly lighter yellow.
Back to the store for an ash color deposit…


Thinking I’d go back to a boring ash blonde, like my natural color, I was surprised to find that it balanced everything out nicely. Platinum blonde. Perfect!

The next 24-48 hours was spent deep conditioning and repairing my hair.

It regained it’s yellow tone… I gave my hair a week, as it was a tolerable shade of yellow. In comes Manic Panic Violet Toner.

MPVI had only read positive reviews about this, so I was pretty confident that it would neutralize the yellow.
It had an effect, but didn’t yield the results I had been hopeful for per the reviews. It’s a start, however. I have my violet deposit shampoo and rinses, and that should compensate well enough.

Oh bleach. It has been an adventure. Results were satisfactory, and I feel like I’ve overcome a great barrier in my hair dye adventures!


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