The Month of October: 31 Days of Halloween- Manic Panic

Today I’m kicking off “Halloween” month with a new hair color- well, some of it is new.

Ultra Violet Manic Panic

My prior experience with Manic Panic was in my college days, using blacks and reds. I had also done a shade of pink earlier this year. The pink faded pretty quickly, despite putting it on platinum blonde hair. The unfortunate thing, though, is that it faded very unevenly.

One harsh bleaching later, all was well in platinum blonde-land.My hair is now a more natural dark blonde. I used the ultraviolet as directed to the lower layer of my hair, and applied additional heat for a better setting. Even though I lathered the mix into my hair, the result was still uneven, almost as if some of my hair was resistant to the color.

1 wash later it has faded considerably, and yes, very unevenly.

That being said, it’s still a fun color, and by design isn’t necessarily meant to last. In my community and work environment, this is probably for the best.

Tips I’ve seen online, though, noted that if you add more heat to the hair, it takes better. It is also brighter on blonde hair. Some have suggested sleeping with the dye on your hair overnight (with a cap, of course) and rinsing the next morning. The dye is deposit only and acts as a conditioning color, so no damage should occur from this. Moral of the story: There are options if you want to commit to them.
The result was some chunks of purple, and other chunks of purplish-black. I added another application. It just deepened the darker tones.

I still enjoy the product. I wouldn’t want my hair to be forever-purple or pink anyway!


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