31 Days of Halloween: The Witch’s Broom #7

We’ve all seen the iconic witch with her broom. But why a broom?
No, seriously… Why a broom? Why not a unicorn, a flying monkey, and some undead demon creature?Are witches actually just some neat freak set hell-bound on sweeping the leaves off the deck? My deck could use a little attention this Halloween, should there be any neat-freak takers.

A witch with her broom, like a housewife with her vacuum.

Actually, these traditional brooms were not just for sweeping. Tradition, lore, or superstition would say that brooms were used to ward off negative energies, spirits, and acted to cleanse the home of anything of the like.

Maybe I should clean more often…

This year, to celebrate 31 Days of Halloween, I picked up a broom assembled from twigs and scented with cinnamon. It’s a broom with the added benefit of potpourri, and it keeps the apartment smelling of fall. In fact, those who have studied old traditions and legend of Shamans and other spiritual types state that it wasn’t uncommon for these folks to apply ointments and scents to the brooms to inspire astral projection and other such spiritual journeys (with the aid of a little peyote, for example).

Earliest noted brooms were Besom Brooms- assembled from twigs and a simple handle.

Besom Broom

Besom Broom

I’m enjoying mine, and my place could definitely do with a little cleansing of negative energies!


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