MAC Fix+ vs. Urban Decay All Night Setting Spray

Hello Pretties!

Today I’m reviewing a comparison of MAC Fix+ versus Urban Decay’s All Night Setting Spray.

About 1 year ago it became evident that my 4pm-2am shift at work was wreaking havoc on my make-up. My face looked like a black mudslide by the end of the night- even with fancy schmancy 24 hour stay eye liner. The eye shadow has a horrid habit of settling right outside and below the outter corners of my eyes.

I looked like death.

Enter MAC Fix+

MAC Fix+

I was dubious. It looked like water. When I sprayed it on my face, I thought I saw hints of glitter.
Ladies and gents, I don’t like surprise glitter.
Truth is, it was the setting spray catching the shimmery bits that had fallen from my eye shadow and secured it into place.

Over time I came to love this product. It mostly kept the lines from forming on the eyelid crease (gross, much?), but still I struggled with the eye-make up sliding down the outter corners. Additionally, I didn’t like feeling as though I had just sprayed a layer of sealant on my face (though truthfully, isn’t that what it is?)- I had to let it sit to dry uncomfortably for several minutes.

Otherwise, faboo.

Still frustrated with the outer corners collecting my shadow (yes, even with the use of a variety of powders and shimmery sheers), I thought I’d give Urban Decay All Nighter a fair go.


I thought I would try to get more bang for my buck. Plus, the MAC store was a little drive away, whereas Sephora/Ulta stores are popping up everywhere.

The first day I went light on my make-up until I got an idea of how it would do.

My dearest friends- I’m not impressed. The eyelid crease is back (uck) and the eye make-up slides right down my face. It does okay holding blush in place, but that wasn’t my primary concern.

Winner is:

MAC Fix+ by a Mudslide– errr Landslide!



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