Seeking the impossible standard in vain

I feel two ways about this. Yes, it’s an impossible standard and it is infuriating. But as consumers we *respond* to it by glamorizing it, coveting it,seeking it out, and allowing ourselves to be continually fooled by it. I know very few people who don’t know what Photoshop is or what photo-editing can do for a picture (hell, I have 3 apps for that- how about you?). We know these images are shooped! We blame media, but still consume what they feed us at a ravenous pace. We blame photographers- until it comes to our own portraits and images, and we judge them by how smooth their photos are. For several family photos, I was determined to do only color and lighting adjustments. When I sent them for initial review: “Oh gawd, get those bags out from under my eyes! Can you make my pupils larger? Hey, pull in my waist a little at the belt.” These are the same women who claim to hate these videos and images like shown below. (disclaimer: “we” doesn’t mean everybody, but certainly many)

It’s societal and it goes beyond the media, now. Our vanity cycles and feeds into itself. We can’t stop them until we stop ourselves and educate our children that what they see is not always real.

What are your thoughts? How has media influenced your behaviors? How can we start implementing the change we want from the media in our own daily living?

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