Review: Frownies Facial Patches

Oh Frownies- I hear so many good things about you. I just had to give you a go.

The facial patches function on a concept called muscle memory. With these patches, essentially you a training your muscles to remain neutral. They can be left on for 3 hours (minimum recommended) or overnight. I tend to use these overnight. Ideally, these are to be used for forehead wrinkles and “11’s” (those lines between our eyebrows when we furrow our brows). This is not going to create instant change. This is going to take time.

How much time, you ask? I think this is going to be a case by case basis. I knew I was expressive, and the first night I wore these it was uncomfortable because my range of facial motion was pretty restricted. Hey, that means it is working.

I use this on my forehead- and not for those 11’s. I have one long line that extends across my forehead, and then on one side are two smaller lines above. These are the areas I cover. I use these 4-6x weekly, and heading into week three I already notice a difference.

Don’t be fooled, though- these patches aren’t all you need. You will need a facial toner (I just used a witch hazel / rose facial toner rather than Frownies brand. It works just fine), and I went ahead and bought their Immune Shield vitamin E serum to set the skin. I’m sure there are substitutes out there. The toner also “activates” the adhesive.

From the Frownies Site: The anti-wrinkle treatment patch is applied directly over the wrinkles between the eyes or on the forehead. Smooth out the skin, apply the patch and leave it on at least three hours to reduce wrinkles. The entire line must be covered by the patch. Immune Perféct under the patch accelerates the anti-aging benefit and Immune Shield after you remove the patch supplies Vitamin E serum to protect against free radicals.

Frownies Facial Patches upon opening

Frownies Facial Patches upon opening

The facial patches come in a pack of 144, all connected.



The patches can be mixed and matched as necessary.


Frownies paired with Rose Witch Hazel

Frownies paired with Rose Witch Hazel

Wet the shiny side with the facial toner. I used Thayers and have had good outcomes. The texture of the product reminds me of those blackhead removal strips. People in various reviews complained of the pain in removing them, however, I found it painless- even after wearing them for 8 or so hours. Certainly, I feel like the blackhead remover strips are more painful after only 15 minutes of wear. And no- no blackheads should be removed by this product!

Immune Shield

Immune Shield

After removing the strips, I applied the Immune Shield product. My biggest complaint with this is that when your hands are wet or oily from other products, it causes the ink on the bottle to run.

So here we are, week three- I feel like it’s made a difference! Is it botox? No. It will take regular use. It’s up to you to decide if it is worth it.

I will check back in after I finish using this product package to let you know of final results after 70 ish uses (I only use 2 strips as a time).


Do you have any experience with this product? What are your thoughts?


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