Here it comes: Do your research for yourself rather than allowing the beauty industry to give you false results

I used to respect Dove ads. Then I did some research about how a company so focused on beauty/body improvements could stand to bash it’s own industry. It didn’t quite make sense to me, and certainly is an interesting marketing ploy.

I found out it was owned by Unilever, which also owns Axe and Slimfast.

This article shows the original “Onslaught” Commercial by Unilever-Dove (which ends with the quote of “Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does”), then reconstructs the video with images from their Unilever-Axe commercials. I don’t think I have to make any commentary about the connection between Slimfast and body image.

The original commercial is below, and has garnered a lot of positive attention:

The real onslaught is here:

One friend of mine attempted to defend Axe products by stating that the product even labels itself as a parody product. Their self-identified over-the-top humor as a way to gain smartass or clever consumers is just yet another marketing ploy. Their ad campaigns vary little from others. Old Spice comes to mind.

Another fun link:

Always be weary of an industry that advises consumers against itself. It is attempting to engender a sense of trust for those looking for a trustworthy brand. Sales and profit margins are number one to the majority of business, so it’s up to use to educate ourselves- not those making profits from their selective presentation of themselves.



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