How time flies and I have not updated Vanity Rush…

Yet the Advocare advocates keep sending me hate mail. I don’t have time to respond to all of it, mostly because it’s already been said before on each of my posts and many searches you find on Google now.

Oh, the googles. 

Besides, hasn’t the Advocare ship sailed? That was so 2013, “O.M.G.” 

Seriously though, this is still out there? And people are still pissed when other people report their negative experiences? Reference most responses to complaints on–

By the way, have you seen the recent Dr. Oz debacle? That’s just FUN. It’s also just DUH.

Well, we’re closing the chapter here at Vanity Rush on Advocare/Plexus/NewScamHereWhatever. Keeping the advocare/plexus train going is like arguing if N’Sync was truly better than the Backstreet Boys. Oh wait, people are still doing that too.

I haz a disappoint.

Stay tuned for a new chapter of misguided adventures and mayhem involving cosmetics and some things pop culture… Or whatever the hell I decide to put here. 

Because, you know, this is a personal blog and I can, you know, do that. 



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