about: vanity as a work in progress



This project was started as an attempt to bring together aspects of my life that I considered separate realms, including health, mental health, emotional health, social support, fashion, make-up artistry, fitness and exercise, and product knowledge enhancement. Oh, and arts. All arts. Period.

These things, however, are not separate, and all have a common golden thread that runs through each topic. They all help with self-esteem and overall wellness.

VanityRush is a project that combines all of the above in a fun and carefree fashion. It seeks to evaluate vanity and differentiate both ends of a “Vain Spectrum”, of sorts. This spectrum ranges from pure narcissism to a healthy sense of self-worth.

Confidence. Passion in love and art. Self-love. Affirmation.
This project is to reclaim and rework the word “Vanity”.

For more discussion on this, please visit one of the first posts here: van-i-tee perceived

The goal is to tap on the wisdom multiple authors, provide multiple viewpoints on life, products, the frivolous and fun, and publish the heroic and inspirational stories of strong women and men as they live out their lives.


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